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Welcome to the SSRC wiki!

This wiki is for internal use at the [Storage Systems Research Center](https://www.ssrc.ucsc.edu/) and at the [Center for Research in Storage Systems](https://www.crss.ucsc.edu/), as well as the [Secure Systems Lab](https://www.ssl.ucsc.edu/).

Pages are, by default, only available to SSRC users on Django, and may be viewed and edited by anyone in the **SSRC current users** group.

Editing the wiki

***All*** SSRC members are encouraged to help [edit the wiki](editing_the_wiki). Please read the [instructions for editing the wiki](editing_the_wiki) *before* doing any edits, and look at existing pages for examples.

There's always link to "editing the wiki" in the navigation bar, available for quick reference.

New SSRC Members
Please read [Getting Started in the SSRC](resources/getting_started) for a quick tutorial on getting things set up.

Old SSRC wiki
For continuity, here's a [pointer to the old Google Site](https://sites.google.com/a/ucsc.edu/ssrc/) that we used as a wiki.

General information

- [Contact info](contact_info)
- [Talk schedule for SSRC meetings](talks)
    - [Spring 2024](talks/schedule_sp24)