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Andrew Quinn

Andrew Quinn joined the faculty of the Computer Science and Engineering Department in Fall 2021. His research interests include software reliability, distributed systems, and operating systems. 

Publications since 2020-07-22

Collaborators since 2020-07-22

Ahmed Khan, Tanvir 03/26/2023   Link
Barker, Austen 05/8/2023   Link
Cafarella, Michael 07/11/2022   Link
Chou, Eugene 05/8/2023   Link
Conrad-Shah, Leo 05/8/2023   Link
Flinn, Jason 07/11/2022   Link
Kasikci, Baris 07/11/2022   Link
Long, Darrell D. E. 05/8/2023   Link
Ma, Jiacheng 03/26/2023   Link
Miller, Ethan L. 05/8/2023   Link
Quinn, Andrew 05/8/2023   Link
Safayenikoo, Pooneh 03/26/2023   Link
Yang, Yiwei 03/26/2023   Link
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