CXL SIG (Disaggregated Memory)

The actively updated and publicly visible project home page of CXL SIG is here. In that open forum with current1 (and future2, hopefully) CRSS members, we are exploring software and system architecture evolution around the trend of Memory Disaggregation.

  • Why CXL and Disaggregation?

  • Microarchitecture Co-evolution with CXL (ISAs, Caches, Near-

  • Linux HMM scope, co-evolution with CXL, and limitations

1From the current membership, Intel is active. Facebook/Meta's Manoj led the discussion on CXL at the last IAB, with Samsung, Hynix, and Marvell actively participating.

2We invite Rambus, Amazon, and other companies taking advantage of CXL SIG to join CRSS -- an NSF-funded I/UCRC (the I stands for Industry) -- as member companies ahead of our November.



Current Stage

  • Survey and Research Problem Definition
  • Tracking industry developments and emerging requirements with industry participants

Next Up

  • Measurement, Modeling and Simulation of Workloads and Systems with Disaggregated Memory



Last modified 2 Mar 2023