This page contains software developed or maintained by the CRSS at UC Santa Cruz. Most of the material is freely available; when it's not, you'll find information on how to get it.

  • Pilot: tools for benchmarking
  • gferasure: high performance (vectorized) support for Galois field (finite field) operations
  • Ceph: high performance, scalable distributed file system
  • S.M.A.R.T.: tools for monitoring the health of your hard drive
  • ReFlex4ARM: flash storage disaggregation platform on ARM SoC

LaTeX templates

These LaTeX class files are designed for use with LaTeX2e.

  • exam3.cls: class file for exams. Supports multiple versions of multiple choice exams, specifying answers, dumping answers out as comma-separated list, and much more.
  • Biobibliography (CV): useful for submitting University of California bio-biobibliographies.
  • UC Letter: University of California letterhead.
Last modified 20 Nov 2023