SSRC Seminar: Stephanie Jones

The focus of this talk is on investigating methods to reduce the data movement that occurs during band compaction for shingled write disks. In bands which will eventually be compacted, we use write heat as an indication of data that is likely to leave holes. We have tested three different heuristics that define how to select which bands should be compacted; each iteration builds off the previous heuristic. During band compaction, we sort the data using write heat to better separate hot and cold data. In order to do this separation as early as possible, we implemented a two segment write buffer. However, we found that this absorbs the majority of the write traffic in our current data. Our immediate future work looks at a way to pre-populate the log with data, in order to force band compaction.

Monday, October 27, 2014 at 1:00 PM

E2 599

CRSS Contact:
Jones, Stephanie

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